• Episode #266

    "Deek Seicks"

  • Episode #265

    "The Iron Sphinctor"

  • Episode #264

    "Midnight Diddle"

  • Episode #262

    "Dick Vines"

  • The /2 Hotline



Episode #266

"Deek Seicks"

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Welcome to The Slash 2 Podcast

The Slash 2 Podcast, or commonly refered to as /2, is a mature rated podcast that allows itself the liberties of not being tied down to a single theme. Here you will not only hear interesting Gaming related facts, but news and updates from a broad spectrum of entertainment.

The Show, and its hosts, hold nothing back when it comes to the hard hitting bullshit we sometimes see other shows sitting on the fence about. We will take a stand and we will let our opinions be known. If you think you can handle the raw, uncut, unfiltered, and undeniable hilarity that ensues, then welcome to The Slash 2 Podcast.